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Chaka Khan’s time on “Dancing with the Stars” was indeed short-lived; however, because we enjoyed seeing her on the show, we can’t help but wonder what other Black Chicago Woman would make an interesting contender on the popular reality dance competition.

There are many talented black women in the world of entertainment that hail from the Windy City that would be great for “DWTS”; here are some choices for the next one that could join Sherri Shepherd and Chaka Khan on that roster:

KEKE PALMER: Actually, KeKe Palmer’s name was part of this season’s contestant rumor mill; given her rising star status, especially within the past year, it’s easy to see why her name was tossed around. Through her work in film and music, her time on Broadway and her brand new FOX series “Scream Queens,” Palmer has the perfect mix of star quality and overall talent that isn’t always part of some contestants’ resumes; in addition, like previous competitors Kyle Massey, Zendaya and Amber Riley, she has a massive built-in fan base among young viewers whose votes would surely keep her in contention.

MAVIS STAPLES: There are legends, and then there are legends—what a coup it would be for the show to feature an international star like Mavis Staples! At 76 years young, Staples, with her multi-generational legion of fans, is still a very active and lively concert performer who shows absolutely no signs of slowing down; also, she’d bring the show the most soul it has had since Gladys Knight. But while a “DWTS” stint isn’t very likely to happen, we can’t help wonder how this Black Chicago Woman would get down on the dance floor! “Shamone!”

LISARAYE: Armed with attitude and loaded with good looks, this South Side girl would make a fierce “DWTS” contestant; through her very high profile divorce and tenacity as a Hollywood actress and businesswoman, LisaRaye, who undoubtedly has dance moves and can rock the heck out of any sexy frock the “DWTS” costume designers make for her (especially if it’s white), has more than proven she’s a fighter and competitor who can certainly handle a challenge.

TEMPESTT BLEDSOE: After “The Cosby Show’s” run ended, Bledsoe has been intermittently on the scene; with the exception of appearing on “Celebrity Fit Club” and few roles on sitcoms, including the short-lived NBC sitcom “Guys with Kids,” Bledsoe has maintained a fairly low-profile. Since “DWTS” is known for raising profiles and resurrecting careers (not to mention no “Cosby kid” has ever appeared on the show), it would be cool to see her beyond her popular Vanessa Huxtable character, especially given the ongoing, real-life drama surrounding her TV dad.

NICHELLE NICHOLS: Trekkies, unite! Nichelle Nichols, aka Lieutenant Uhura from “Star Trek,” is known for her style and class just as much as she is for her iconic role on one of the most popular TV shows in history. And while she is a woman of a particular age, she is very glamorous, active, and is in terrific shape, and seeing her glide across the “DWTS” ballroom floor weekly would be a treat for trekkies, indeed!

DA BRAT: While she is mostly known for mostly bandanas, braids and baggy jeans, a softer side of Da Brat does indeed exist—she’s shown it in some of her music videos, album covers, magazine spreads and most recently on VH1’s “Style by June,” where noted stylist June Ambrose gave our west side girl a fierce, sexy makeover. As a hip-hop artist and sometimes actress, Da Brat is a natural performer with a whole lot of swagger; if she ever were to compete on the show, she’d no doubt go down as one of the most interesting contestants in history.

Do you agree with our picks? What Black Chicago Woman do you think would make a great contestant on “Dancing with the Stars?”

LaShawn Williams

LaShawn Williams

LaShawn Williams is a lifelong Chicagoan who is an arts and entertainment enthusiast with a serious thing for dance, music and stand-up comedy. Follow her on Twitter: @MsWilliamsWorld.
LaShawn Williams

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