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On the 28th day of June, 2014, Dr. Rita McGuire’s oldest brother, Rick, succumbed to cancer. Her other brother Rodney, her mom and her dad had all preceded him in death. It had been Rita and Rick. And now … it was just Rita. Understanding that she was also at risk for premature death if she didn’t lose weight, she conceived her “why?” The “why?” that anyone, no, everyone needs when making a life-changing decision. On January 12, 2015, at 52 years old and 196.4 lbs., her journey began.

She signed up for the Bikini Challenge at 360 MBS Fitness® which is owned and operated by Ashanti Johnson. Ashanti opened 360 MBS Fitness in 2010, “to help people realize that you are the biggest love of your life.” The success of the Center has been phenomenal with hundreds of clients shedding over 8,000 pounds of fat, shame and low self-esteem (in less than 4.5 years). She says, “We strive to change the way people think about fitness, their bodies and their world to create balance, harmony and help manifest their goals. We do this through education, repetition and a supportive environment.” One quick glance at the 360 MBS Facebook page and one gets the sense of a genuine community of nurturing and encouragement.


Dr. Rita McGuire is an OB-GYN with a hectic schedule. However, she tackled her weight loss with a commitment that was daunting and “as intense and humbling as medical school and residency.” Committing to early hours, long hours, forsaking friendly get-together’s and family gatherings, she shed 66.6 pounds–  weighing in at 129.6 lbs. to win the Bikini Challenge with the greatest percentage of body fat lost.

“It was not an easy task,” Rita says. She attributes the success of her endeavor to the support of her three children, the teammates at 360 MBS Fitness, family, friends, and instructors. “I know that my family is in heaven saying ‘job well done Rita!’” She goes on to say, “I want to encourage everyone that follows me to embrace a FIT LIFE. A life that incorporates healthy eating and regular exercise. God Bless You All and be passionate about your WHY.”

In all, the 2015 Bikini Challenge participants lost over 2,000 lbs. in a 6-month period! 360 MBS is beginning a new fitness challenge September 2015 called, “New Year, New You.” And of course, the next Bikini Challenge will begin January 2016.

Anybody else up for the challenge?

VeraLisa Davis

VeraLisa Davis

VeraLisa Davis is the Publisher, Editorial Director for Black Chicago Woman Magazine. She is a Daughter, Sister, Friend, Loves God and all of His Creation.
VeraLisa Davis

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