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Have you ever wondered why you get some things accomplished and other projects seem to linger for days, months and even years? It comes down to two simple principles: focus and concentration. These are two of the hardest things to achieve because they require extreme discipline. To focus and concentrate requires us to shut out distractions and sometimes people until the mission is accomplished. We only get to work on “one” thing.focus

We live in the age of multi-tasking and have been told that to get more done you have to do more things at once. So for years we tried this new approach to life, only to discover that it was not true.  The power of singleness is doing one thing, but doing it well. “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” (Matthew 6:22)  The eye is the source of your vision which produces the results you see in your life. If your eye (or vision) is single-minded, your body or the results of your efforts will produce great achievement.

According to one of my mentors, Brian Tracy, “Focus means clarity concerning the desired results and relative priority of each step toward the results.

Concentration on the other hand means the ability to stay with the task until it is 100 percent completed.” I put these principles into practice today. I literally shut myself in my office and worked on a project that has been on my action plan for 12 months. That was the problem, it was listed on my action plan but I did not focus or take Wealth and Riches® Action “steps” to get it moving.

I created a website last year but could not figure out how to get it published. So instead of applying the principle of concentration, I kept moving the website launch date back month after month–until 12 months had passed. One of my advisors told me point blank 30 days ago, to get my website done…first. I knew she was right but it still took 30 days to take my “action steps” to get it done. Today was different. I was “singularly” focused about what I needed to do and prioritized my day accordingly. That meant all of those small tasks that were calling for my attention had to be put on hold until my mission was accomplished — build five web pages.

I employed my concentration and decided to stay with the task until it was 100% complete. So, no Facebook, emails, and other potential interruptions. Life cooperated–even the phone only range twice. I let voicemail serve its purpose. I did get an inbox message from 150 miles away regarding coming to our next Wealth and Riches Bootcamp®. A worthy distraction. While I responded to the receipt of the message, I still did not stop to provide a complete answer. Discipline kicked in … not right now. I was determined and committed to get to 100% completion. My final task was the writing of today’s blog. Yes, I was torn to put it off to another day. Hey, I had created more than five pages.

Concentration whispered, “you are almost there, keep going!” And I did. I hope you enjoy it! I am sure you too have “backburner” projects that you can use the power of the “single eye” to get them completed. Once you have light throughout your whole body, the day seems so much brighter. Now I can treat myself for a mission accomplished!


L Renee Richardson

L Renee Richardson

Renee worked a magnificent 20 year career as an Effie award winning communications director at one of the largest advertising companies in the world. She was known for producing industry thought leadership events including "Living Beyond the Boundaries" a conference and media expo for 500 clients and agency staff. She is also a captivating motivational speaker. She met some of the world's most famous leaders and logged over 200,000 miles in the air. Renee was the strategy leader over $1 billion dollars in advertising for Fortune 500 clients including Procter & Gamble, McDonald's, Heinz, Disney, Kraft and Allstate to name a few. Distinguished as one of Chicago's most "Powerful Business Women" and one of the marketing industry's most powerful execs. Renee received esteemed recognition for her expertise within Adweek, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, and Media Post magazines. She has been featured in Jet, Black Enterprise Magazine and TV Show.
L Renee Richardson

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