We love Yemonja Smalls.  She’s creative, witty, cheerful … just a beautiful woman. Inside and out.

And we love Yemonja Smalls’ art!  Apparently the producers from Fox Television’s hit TV show “Empire” felt the same when they chose to showcase her piece entitled, “No Matter What” in Cookie Lyon’s (played by Taraji P. Henson) office.

No Matter What by Yemonja Smalls

“No Matter What” by Dr. Yemonja Smalls

True to the artist’s form, it is the most vibrant piece in the room. So vibrant, that it seems to have a heartbeat of its own. That’s the hallmark of Yemonja’s art. The colors, the movement, the pulse …

Yemonja and I met five years ago when my producing partner and I presented, “An Evening of Art and Soul.” From the paintings she drew on children’s little brown faces to the full spectrum of light that radiated from her own spirit — Yemonja was a living canvas. The moment you meet her, you become a fan.  There’s nothing pretentious, “standoffish” (as my Mama would say) or aloof about her.  She is truly one with the subject matter that she creates — intimate human relationships.

And then I saw them. The father and son. “ManChild.”


“ManChild” by Yemonja Smalls

Every time I look at it, I have the same response.  I am moved.  Moved by the subtle, yet powerful intimacy displayed by both father and son. The way the son rests his head on his daddy’s back and the father gently cradles the son’s feet in his muscular hand is glorious. I had to have it so I purchased it.  I am now in the company of ardent collectors who enjoy Yemonja’s art in their home.  Not only is her art desired by personal collectors, but it has been and is continually exhibited in museums, art galleries, corporations and health institutions.  And oh yes, hit television shows.
VeraLisa Davis

Dr. Yemonja Smalls

Dr. Yemonja Smalls

More About Dr. Yemonja Smalls:
Dr. Yemonja Smalls is an artist, author, designer, psychologist, art therapy student seeking to bring restoration through art making! She not only uses the canvas to create her art, but clothing, accessories, glass, and even the human body.  Yemonja has also published and illustrated a children’s book titled, “The Day it Rained.”

VeraLisa Davis

VeraLisa Davis

VeraLisa Davis is the Publisher, Editorial Director for Black Chicago Woman Magazine. She is a Daughter, Sister, Friend, Loves God and all of His Creation.
VeraLisa Davis

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